Monday, November 26, 2012


I got back together with my hair stylist today.

We’ve known each other for decades.  If I recall correctly, and things may be hazy due to my advanced age, she first did my hair in an elaborate braided crown for my 8th grade graduation.  And I’ve stuck by her, mostly, ever since.  I even worked for her for a summer (my 1st non-babysitting job).  The only times I went to someone else was when she moved out of town for awhile and didn’t tell me (so sad), and earlier this year when things got a little funny and it was just impossible to get a hold of her.

I think we all know how my last haircut turned out.

Anyway, I gave it one last shot to talk to her, and it worked.  I confirmed my appointment well in advance (we’re talking a month +), and today finally came.  It was nice to catch up with a long-time friend, someone who knows me – and my hair – really well.  She understands my neuroses about my hair and my bizarre language in describing it (no mushroom head!).  I didn’t even have to ask her to take it easy and not just start chopping – she just did it.  She let me tell her “just another half an inch) over and over until we got to a length a liked.  She even gets that I’ll be unsure (at the very least) about the end result for 2 weeks before I see it settled on my head and decide it’s OK.

I feel like I lost a few pounds afterward.  I probably did (so much hair).

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