Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Neighborhood Watch

I am a nice person.  It’s incredibly hard for me to say no (my kids will vehement declare me a liar).  So here I am, watching our neighbor kid after school this week.  I really don’t mind all that much, and I’m glad to be a helpful neighbor type person (like me, like me, like me!), but it’s still hard.

The trick is that we have appointments or places to be almost every day this week, so he has to tag along.  Today was the dentist.  Now, things didn’t go quite so well for my own son (that’ll be Dentist, Take 2: Cavity Boogaloo), but I did get a random compliment from a stranger that the kids I left in the lobby (just for a few moments at a time) were very well behaved.  My response?  “Thank you. And today is…special.”  Yeah, special.

There's something exhausting about having another boy in the house.  They all seem to feed off and amplify each other’s energy, and suck any energy I happen to have right out of me.  They are constantly asking (no, that’s not right – demanding) food.  And the yelling.  Usually in excitement, but still.  The volume makes me worry for the glassware in the house.

It’s gonna be a long week.

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