Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drumsticks for Everyone (Not Really)

Next Saturday, we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for Hub’s side of the family.  Since the beginning of our relationship, holidays have been a bit of a struggle because both of families are nearby, making it seemingly easy to see everyone during these times (truth: so not easy), and we seem to have grown up with similar traditions, meaning both sides celebrate things at the same times of day, creating conflicts.  However, over the years, since Hub’s side has grown and spread out more, and isn’t averse to changing things up if it means more of us get together, and since I’m as rabid about getting the holidays right as they are laid back, I’ve managed to shift things so holidays are simpler for everyone (especially me).

Well, simpler except in one respect: I now have 20+ people in my house 2 days after actual Thanksgiving.  I don’t really mind this (yes, it’s tiring, but it’s a HOLIDAY ALL CAPS, so yay!), because I adore Thanksgiving and like to make it special since it tends to get overlooked or at least might be considered as a lesser holiday.  I chose this one because of my love for the day and because it has a single focus: food.  No presents, no singing, no activities, just eating.  My wonderful mother has coached me the past couple of year in making the turkey, and so far, I haven’t poisoned anyone, so that’s a win in my book.  No, actually, the turkeys have turned out quite well, and that’s due entirely to Mom.  And to butter.  Thanks, butter.

So everyone gathers and everyone brings food to fill the table.  I can’t imagine trying to feed that many people an entire Thanksgiving dinner, and besides, this family loves to cook and is good at it, so far be it from me to deny their offerings.  I’m a lucky girl.  It makes for a fantastic day of great eats and togetherness.

I’d like to share.  This family of mine, that welcomed me into their clan some 10+ years ago, puts together a prolific spread and there will be tons of food.  So, come.  You’ll be 2 days removed from the official turkey day, so you’ll be all set for more, right? In any case, if you’re nearby and don’t have anything to do on a Saturday afternoon, I’ll have a plate (and a hug) for you.  Come meet my crazy in-laws (you know I love you) and hang out.  And I’ll be even more thankful.

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