Wednesday, September 5, 2012

More Like a Week Than a Day

Today has been CHOCK FULL.  Let's just take this is small bites, shall we?  That's about all I can handle.

Sabrina bounded out of bed at 6:50 this morning, very much ready for her first day of pre-K. And by ready, I mean didn't stopping talking for a nanosecond.  Chris and I were lucky that we could drop her off together, but as soon as we hit the parking lot, she bee-lined for her classroom (stopping only to give her mother who birthed her heavy sighs as she posed for pictures), and once there, it was as if we didn't exist.  I think I got and over the shoulder "Bye," but I can't be sure.  Anyway, I was fine until I went to the grocery store later, and 2 different clerks asked me where she was.  Cue up one sniffling mommy by the freezer cases.

The pre-K thing throws me a little.  Not that this isn't pre-K, because she will be going to kindergarten next year, but when I enrolled her, it was called the 4 year old class and pre-K was a separate entity for the slightly older, summer birthday kids who weren't quite ready to head off to kindergarten (which is the class Sammy was in a few years back). I guess the new director decided to combine the classes over the summer, which is totally fine, but man, does it make my baby sound so much older.  She's in pre-K.  Gah.

It was absolutely glorious to be kid free for a little while.  I went to the bank without having to shush anybody, leisurely strolled through the grocery store (when I wasn't crying), swapped out the dying computer for a working one with nary a single tiny hand trying to grab wires, and managed to clean and dust the bedrooms all before pickup.  Nice.

But this is Sabrina we're talking about, so it couldn't be a completely smooth transition.  I went to get here, wading through the sea of parents (there is no pickup carpool this year, which I think is a huge mistake), and found her brand new dress sporting a hole.  A hole that occurred when the teacher safety-pinned her name tag to her.  Really? Safety pins and 4 year olds, is this really a good idea?  Ever heard of stickers? Grr.

When we got home, Sabrina opened her backpack and starting giggle-crying (I don't know, but that's exactly what she did), "Mommy, this isn't my lunchbox!" Oh crap, the wrong lunchbox on Day 1.  What fun.  So, off to school we went again.  I didn't think we'd actually get Sabrina's back today, but she noticed a girl in the parking lot and alerted me to the fact that she would have the correct lunchbox, and sure enough, she did.  Crisis averted.

The afternoon continued with widely varying emotions due to what I can only assume is the crash that comes from adjusting to school again.  Neither kid was happy.  Sammy was inconsolable because we couldn't stay to play bingo when we visited my grandma at the rehab center (they were out of cards).  Sabrina threw a fit because I dared to make pork chops for dinner.  Sammy totally did not get the concept of homework and decided he would just flatly refuse to do it.  Um, no.  It's only 20 minutes of leisure reading, Kid.  I think you can handle it.

I am so grateful they are both in bed right now.

(I do have pictures of Sabrina going off to school but in swapping out computers, I lost the ability to connect my camera, so there the photos must stay for now.  A fix is in the works, hooray.  I am tired to computer craziness.)


  1. I will take one for the team and do her homework.

  2. That IS a crazy day. I am sorry you were weepy at the grocery store. But what a big girl!

    And my children were outta their minds today, too. Wacky Wednesday, I guess!