Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Not to Put too Fine a Point on It

I’m not quite sure how the conversation started, but I’m sure Sabrina was asking me to do something right before bedtime. I declined her request, telling her it was time for bed, and besides, I was tired.

Sabrina: “Why are you tired, Mommy?”

Me: “Because it’s been a long, busy day, and I’m old.”

Sabrina: “You’re old?”

Me: “Don’t you think so?”

Sabrina: “No, you’re not old.”

Me: “Why do you think I’m not old?”

Sabrina: “Your hair is brown, not white. You don’t look like Nanny (her almost 90-year-old great-grandmother). And you don’t take your teeth out.”

I think I can buy that.

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