Friday, November 18, 2011


OK. I’ve reached a new point in my desperation and frustration, and that is to post a picture of myself right here for you to evaluate my hair.

Yes, that’s me in all my eye bag glory. And yes, I really am that good of a photographer (which is to say, not at all). Anyway, this is my head after I’ve washed, blow-dried, and lightly flat-ironed my hair. That’s my typical regimen. My hair is naturally kinky (not straight, not quite wavy, certainly not curly, just… kinky), and in a pinch or on vacation, I’ll squeeze a bunch of product in it, scrunch it up and let it air dry, but I’m not terribly fond of that because the longer my hair gets, the heavier it gets, and throughout the day, it gets this hangdog look that’s just sad. And a second day? Forget it.

My hair is really thick and really heavy, and if it gets any longer, I’m going to have neck problems. I know a lot of people covet thick hair, but really, mine goes beyond. It’s fat hair. It needs a diet.

Here is my predicament. I haven’t had my hair done in 11 months, and it’s driving me crazy. The last time I went, I had my hair cut to roughly shoulder length (perhaps a bit shorter) with layers, thinned out with some scary looking scissors that look like they belong at a scrapbooking convention, and highlights added. I say the last time, but really that’s my standard order. But now it’s just long and long and long, and really that’s the only way to describe it. I need a style. And I’m open to suggestions.

A few caveats:

  • I grew up with blunt bangs across my forehead. As a girl with forehead cowlicks, this just doesn’t work. So, no blunt bangs, although I will entertain some sideswept options if you can tell me how to keep the darn things sideswept and not falling in my face. (I get it. That's a lot of face. And possible a fivehead. Something to cover some of that might be a good idea.)
  • I wear my hair in a ponytail when I work out since I can stand hair in my face when I sweat. I’d like to continue this practice.
  • Although this has been the longest I’ve gone between haircuts, I don’t go often because it can get crazy expensive. So I prefer a style that grows out gradually and doesn’t require frequent professional intervention. Unless you’d like to send me wads of cash for that purpose.
  • Also, I’m not spending massive amounts of time on my hair. I’ve got 2 kids to chase. Time is of the essence. (But it doesn’t have to be totally wash and go either. Just something I can do and doesn’t leave me looking like a wet dog by the afternoon.)
  • No crazy colors. See above.
  • Bonus points for a flexible look that I can wear down, up, or anywhere in between.

So here I am, vulnerable (see that photo above? That’s the picture of vulnerability right there) and ready for any thoughts you have about my head (my hair that is, my psychological needs are another post). If you say keep going with the original plan, that’s just fine (it would be confirmation that I’ve been on the right path), or if you think I’d look good with some other ‘do, fire away. Also, local friends, if you have any stylist recommendation that won’t bankrupt me, please share. I’m just tired for feeling all Frumpy Mommy. I need some hotness, or at least a little flicker of warmth.


  1. I highly suggest the keratin treatment thing that I got right before the Blathering. It's awesome. And even though it takes like THREE HOURS to get it done, it saves time later because it gives me wash and go hair and I do not normally have wash and go hair.

    I really like your hair cut in the picture up there on the right. It's a nice length for you and I like the layers. I mean, it's not a big picture, so maybe you didn't like that hair cut, but it looks like it suits you.

  2. I say go natural! It's the easiest and I love your hair when you scrunch and go. For me it's been so liberating getting away from styling products. I now wash my hair with baking soda and water and rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar. (It's the 'no poo method) Plus talk about CHEAP. It takes your hair about 2-3 weeks to find it's rhythm with ditching the shampoo & conditioner. But now I don't use any gels or mouses. Just my hair and maybe a spritz of lavender water (essential lavender oil and water) to freshen up.

    Now, as for a cut... I'll have to send you some links to some cute photos, but I've always loved your cuts!