Monday, October 24, 2011

Things I Learned Meeting Women from the Internet in Person

There is no shortage of horrifying, hilarious waxing stories out there. And we WILL share them, readily.

The art of the thank you note is not dead, and is, in fact, thriving with some very gracious and thoughtful people. I must step up my game.

In a group of women, the diet sodas go before the regular ones. But vodka trumps them all.

If you can barf, run 5.8 miles, and then convince everyone else to run the final 0.2 just to say we did, you are a rock star.

If it comes from a food truck and costs $3, we’ll probably eat just about anything.

The entertainment value of sitting around gabbing is priceless.

Cupcakes are a unifying force, and the mere mention of the word can silence a room.

We all start out feeling exactly the same: worried I wouldn’t have fun, worried no one would like me, worried everyone will think I was a fill-in-the-nasty-blank, just nervous in general. We needn’t have. I’m fairly sure we all walked away happy to have met such fabulous people and had a rockin’ god time.

The Blathering was the best time. I highly recommend you go to one of these things, should you get the chance.


  1. It WAS the best time! Also, I'm pretty sure the eating anything wasn't limited to food truck food.

  2. It was so great getting to meet you! I am so glad you came.

  3. I wish I had gotten to talk to you more! I feel like we were ships passing in the night... got introduced and then didn't get to visit. Next year? :)