Monday, April 13, 2009

Not Advice, Just Joy

Dear Sarah,

By this time next week, you’ll be a married lady. It’s been a long time coming for you and your Aussie man, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for you. None of this is news to you.

We have been friends for over half our lives. That is such an amazing realization, and one that makes me smile every time I think of it. We propped each other up through the pitfalls and hormones of high school, and came out the other side. You kept calling me, even though I was the only teenager on earth who hated talking on the telephone. We gave each other horrific makeovers and senselessly recorded the evidence for posterity (don’t worry, I’ve, uh, lost those pictures that no one’s husband, future or otherwise, should ever see). I’d rather forget some of the abysmal movies we watched (after spending far too much time trying to decide on them), but never the laughter that they caused. We ate greasy, totally nutrition-free food while studying for the test of the week. We agonized over college applications and boyfriends with the same fervor.

When we did go to college a thousand miles apart, it didn’t seem to matter. The fact that we’re still a thousand miles apart isn’t an issue either. When we see each other (far too infrequently, but treasured just the same), it’s as if no time has passed. You’re the only person with whom I can spend 2 hours on the phone and hang up wanting more (never did get over that hating the phone thing).

I remember the squeal in your voice when I told you I was getting married. In that moment, you made it OK for me to get really excited and to relax at the same time. That’s what came flooding back to me when you told me it was your turn, and I hope you could hear in my voice the utter joy I have for you.

No ordinary man would be good enough for you in my eyes. I’m just thrilled to say that you have found someone extraordinary, a gentleman, a quick wit, and an unceasing support. I can see how he feels about you when he looks at you, and it takes my breath away. And I can see how you feel about him, because the smile hasn’t left your face since you met him. Your eyes twinkle when you say his name.

On the eve of your wedding, I am delighted for you to begin this journey. You have all the keys you need. And you will always have me. I will take down a grizzly bear for you, and I will drink Kir Royales without a hint of irony with you. I will even go charging down to that evil bridal shop and yell at them for making you feel less than a princess at this time in your life. Whatever you need.

Even though I may not be there in body when you walk down that aisle, my thoughts, my prayers, my heart will be. I will be thinking of you every minute, and I know I’ll be able to see your happiness quite clearly in my mind’s eye. When the chaos of the day has settle down, you can describe every minute of it to me. And then we can begin the business of supporting each other as wives.

We get to be wives together. It’s a new level to our friendship that I can’t wait to share.

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