Friday, April 10, 2009

The Kitchen Smells Heavenly

Here is a picture of the bread I made – from scratch, with my own little hands – last weekend for the great Sabrina Day potluck. OK, so it wasn’t that difficult and I followed the New York Times no-knead recipe. In my defense (or perhaps my judgment), I have a fear – no, more a worry or niggling concern – of baking with yeast, so I was nervous that it wouldn’t turn out very well and I’d have a large, wheat-colored rock to throw out in the flower beds. Hey, at least I’m not that lady who married the Eiffel Tower.

But turn out it did, and seeing as I had none left at the end of the night, I’d call it a success. So much that I just pulled out bread 2.0 to bring to the in-laws for tomorrow’s pre-Easter Easter potluck (sensing a theme yet?). If I can keep the Hub from cutting into it tonight for a little taste. Can’t hide that with frosting.

We’ll be busy this weekend with various holiday-related activities, all of which will be accented with chocolate in some fashion. It’s a little sad, Easter, in that it’s the last of the Big Foodie Holidays (the season starting with Thanksgiving and working its way through this weekend). Unless I can convince my family that Independence Day is actually about the freedom to eat as much sugar as you want. Probably not. Anyway, have a very happy Easter weekend, and may every egg hidden be found (before it turns into something nasty and not holidayish in the slightest).

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