Monday, March 2, 2009

Resume for a Weekend

Well, let’s see. The weekend. Saturday, my husband graciously took the kids to let loose at the mall playground while I went out for a run. I followed that up by scrubbing the kitchen for 3 hours while everybody either slept or read books (which doubles as “rest time” around these parts). Terribly exciting, but at least the kitchen is despooged.

Sunday wasn’t exactly a roller coaster ride either, but we did manage to break out for a little while and head to our favorite gourmet grocery store. Now, I know you’re thinking that going to the grocery store yet another chore (and can’t I write about something other than my to-do list for heaven’s sake), but you would be wrong in this instance. We wander the store for hours checking out exotic produce, enjoying free samples, coveting the Kobe beef, and did I mention the free samples? I made lunch from the bread bites in the bakery. This is high end stuff, most of which we can’t afford. But it’s so much fun to look. And taste. Can’t forget about that.

I think Chris would bathe in their cream of mushroom soup if I’d let him fill the tub with it.

I still can’t believe we made it out of there only spending $20. But there’s always next weekend.

I don’t have much planned for the week, beyond cleaning the rest of my house (I know, I’m back on the chores and putting you to sleep, sorry). But I’m entertaining offers.

My cousin Nick went to the doctor last week and ended up having brain surgery on Sunday to destroy a cyst at the top of his spinal column. All reports are positive thus far, but I’ll be keeping him in my prayers. I just wanted to share that with the internet for anyone who would like to send warm and fuzzies his way.

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