Tuesday, March 3, 2009


After spending far too much time and calories at the gourmet market, we wandered next door to the fancy-pantsy educational toy store. Sammy had looked in the windows as we passed by earlier, and we couldn’t resist letting him destroy displays play for awhile.Being a Sunday afternoon, there wasn’t a lot of foot traffic, so we had the run of the place. The girl behind the counter gave us a perfunctory greeting, and went back to ignoring us.

Sammy played with the marble-rolling ramps for a bit before catching sight of his beloved Thomas trains. He attacked that train table and latched on like he wouldn’t leave even after they turned off the lights. The rest of us perused the wares, counting the minutes until we had to pry him away (it would be ugly whenever we decided the time came, and indeed, it was). They had lots of little toys, wind-ups and bouncy balls, squishy things and rubber yank-ums or whatever you call them. The grownups had a lot of fun recalling their more juvenile moments (including making inappropriately adult comments about some of the more squeezable items, if you get my drift). We hauled Sabrina in her carrier all around that store, to the point where she had decidedly had enough, the end, let’s go already. So we scooped Sammy up (OK, we pleaded, negotiated, and listened to his ineffectual procrastination techniques until we threatened to take away his trains at home) and headed out.

I was running low on baby formula (just 6 more weeks and that’s over, hallelujah), so we made a quick side trip to the big warehouse box. Chris and the kids went off in search of yet a few more free samples while I gathered up what I needed. When we reassembled, I loaded up the cart, and noticed a small, neon green squeezy thing like we’d seen at the toys store in the basket. Before I could even ask, Chris told me he’d found it tucked inside Sabrina’s carrier. My sweet baby daughter had sticky fingers.

In retrospect, this comes as no surprise. She has the lung power to peel paint off the walls, and no I’m thinking that’s a detraction technique to hide her nefarious activities. It really makes me wonder where some of those lost toys have gone. She must have a stash around here somewhere…

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  1. I guess I'm going to have start limiting the time Maddie and Izzie can spend with their cousin. I wouldn't want them to pick up a lifestyle of crime hanging around Sabrina's crib!