Friday, January 16, 2009

Snowless Day

Today was a snow day, minus the snow. So many of my friends and relatives are dealing with the white stuff and subzero temperatures that we decided the stand our ground in solidarity. OK, so it was more out of laziness and exhaustion that I kept everyone indoors, but it was the coldest day of the year so far and you try taking a preschooler and a baby outside in cold wind and see how much fun you have. The lure of snuggling up in front of movies with “Wait, was I on a diet?” comfort food was just too much.

And so I let Sammy watch all the Thomas the Tank Engine he wanted while I played with the baby. How gracious of me, seeing as she decided to hold another rave at 4 this morning (Thank you, Baby Paris, for that extra hour, how generous). I felt a little guilty about not working out like I normally do, but I’ve since made up for it (Thank you, Jillian Michaels, for your beatings, may I have another?) this afternoon as the sun finally came out. I’m not even outside, but it makes me happier to see it shining through the windows.

On the nap front, Sabrina was a champ, but Sammy and I are still locked in a battle of “Will he, won’t he?” and today was definitely a Won’t. I’ve tried every tactic I can find or divine, the latest being a thinly disguised plan of bribery involving a chart and stickers that leads to a Prize. I know kids just start to naturally give up napping at some point, but it would be so very nice if that point could be in the far, distant future.

To everyone stuck in the bitter, blood-freezing cold, we hope for a quick warm up. This couch potato day was a choice for us, but if it wasn’t, I might be chewing the wood off the door frame before long. Spring can’t come too soon.

(By the way, I do plan on talking about things other than my kids, but when you’re stuck in close proximity all hours of the day – see sleeping issues above – it’s pretty much all that’s on your mind.)

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