Friday, November 17, 2017

There are 2,618 Colleges in the US Alone

Fade in: a young teen is working on a project for school, a virtual tour of a selected college.  (Editor's Note: Why 7th graders have to be concerned about colleges is beyond me and ridiculous busywork.)  Teen is hard at work writing and recording voiceovers to go with the presentation he has put together in school.  His mother is in the kitchen, making yet another dinner.  (Ed. Note: Always with the feeding.)  Mom listens in...

Teen: "Hi, Everyone!  This is Sammy Vrla, coming to you from the University of Texas!"

Mom darts around the corner.

Mom: "What did you just say?"

Teen, confused: "... the University of Texas?"

Mom: "Of all the schools in the world, you chose UT?"

Teen, still confused: "Um, yes?"

Mom: "Do you see why this is a problem?"

Teen, continuing to be clueless: "...No?"

Mom: "I went to Texas A&M, their big rival!  You remember?  Our fight song calls out UT specifically?  You have the t-shirts and everything!"

Teen, starting to form a clue, not not completely: "Oh.  Sorry?"

Mom: "You're fired."

Cut to Teen cleaning toilets with a toothbrush.

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