Monday, November 20, 2017

Random Cleaning Post

I started the great ramp up to Thanksgiving prep work today (which leads to Saturday when we host all of Chris's side of the family, so I have a little more time but also have to decorate for Christmas, so, still busy).  Thanks to having older children who can stay out of the way and not demand my presence every 3 minutes, I was able to get the kitchen and bathrooms scrubbed top to bottom.  (Yes, I wish they could help, but despite my training, they have not mastered any cleaning techniques whatsoever.  I'm thinking boot camp might be in order in the foreseeable future.)  And just because I'm a glutton for punishment, I also cleaned out the drawers in my bathroom, which I have not done... ever. 

It was like some dirty, toothpaste covered museum.  Some of the makeup would have needed carbon dating to determine its age.  There were free range q-tips and bobby bins in every single drawer.  And used toothbrushes?  I don't even know.  I found the curling iron I used in college.  I doubt it even heats up anymore, but there it was.  Why does Chris have so many electric razors and trimmers?  He only has 1 face.  Why did I save every lotion and cleaner sample I have ever touched and never used any of them?  All told, I think there were 27 tiny dentist visit sized floss packs and at least 9 travel toothpaste tubes.  And countless toothbrushes (this time, I'm talking new ones).

It was a bizarre experience, and I think the trash can has more in it than the drawers now.  Just in time for the kids to go to the dentist and bring home more samples.

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