Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Inadvertant Organization

I accidentally cleaned out my closet today.  I really had no intention of doing that today, or any day in the near future really.  It just... happened.  It started as I stood in the closet, trying to figure out what to wear today.  I looked down at my sandals sitting out and thought that since it's well into November (despite recent 90 degree temperatures), perhaps they were not the most appropriate footwear options these days.  So I decided to swap out sandals for boots.  But to do so, I had to move a pile of jeans, which made me wonder why I had so many jeans because I don't really wear jeans that much and do they even fit anyway maybe i should just check.  And then I went through all my jeans.  And skirts.  And pants.  And sweaters.  And what about the shorts buried in my dresser that I never wear?  And t-shirts? 

Suddenly, it was hours later, I was still half dressed, and I had multiple giant bags filled with stuff to donate.  And a still full closet, by the way.

Nobody in the house needs a stitch of clothing for Christmas is what I'm saying.

I'm on a diet now.

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