Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thoughts from the Day

Also known as phoning it in.

  • I do not have enough arm strength to lift a 21 lb., fully stuffed turkey out of a pan.
  • I will never make it out of the kitchen at one of these things.
  • There will always be plenty of desserts and no one will take any home.
  • Given the opportunity, my children will drink themselves into a Dr. Pepper sugar coma.
  • Something will always get broken.
  • I will always intend to take many pictures and end up with 2.
  • They will both be of the turkey.
  • I will always be glad I did it, but dad gum, I will be tired.
  • What am I making for dinner tomorrow, you ask?  Very funny. There are 15 more pounds of turkey in the fridge. That's dinner forever, people.
Happy After Thanksgiving. I hope we all get to relax tomorrow.

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