Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tap, Tap, Tap... Is This Thing Still On?

Happy 2016!  It's November, you say?  And I've written a grand total of (math, math, math... carry the one) zero posts this year?  Well at least I'm consistent!

But with the coming of this 11th month of the year, I've heard the whispers of NaNoWriMO (I tried to get that right, and if I didn't don't tell me).  So I suppose this would be a good way to skew my average for the year.  Playing the numbers, that's what I'm doing.

On the plus said, I have 10 full months of interesting stuff and (mostly) navel gazing for subject fodder, so perhaps I won't sit in front of this screen for each of the next 29 days slack-jawed and wondering what the heck I'm supposed to write about.  But let's face it, I'll totally still do that.  I just won't tell you about it.

Let's kick things off with the traditional Halloween family photo, courtesy of Elvis, the White Witch, a decades old puffy paint shirt that I won't give up until it turns to dust, and Mr. Didn't Get It Together This Year.  50% of us rocked the costume thing (do better next time, Elvis, sheesh).

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