Thursday, November 10, 2016


Things Sabrina has on her plate tomorrow:

  • The school Veterans Day ceremony in which her Brownie troop will be front and center
  • Grandparents Day in which her grandparents (and mom) will meet her for a special, pre-paid In N Out Burger lunch
  • The final day of the book fair for which Sabrina has already dimpled her way into a new book from said grandparents
  • A screening of The BFG which her class has earned for reading the book over the past 3 weeks
  • A Brownie workshop for which she will earn another, much coveted patch
  • The last football game of the cheer season (well, that's Saturday, but you get the picture)
So of course she is sniffling, red eyed, and possibly slightly warmer than usual.  I have preemptively medicated her and am praying desperately that this is at best allergies and at worst a cold.  If you have any good juju or healthy thoughts to share with her, we would greatly appreciate it. 

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