Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Think It's a Legal Requirement to Talk about the Election Today

First, vote.  Votevotevotevotevote.  Do it.

I am not one to talk politics much, if at all.  I'm pretty private in that arena (heck, most arenas, which is weird for someone writing on the internet for anyone to see).  But this morning, I brought up the election with my kids (they've been talking plenty about it themselves, so that are not buried in a hole or anything and they know what's going on).  I wanted to make sure that they understood the importance of the day, the historic nature of a female candidate, and how that means doors are being opened.  We talked about how you may not like either candidate in an election, but that it's still your right and duty to get informed and make the best, wisest decision you can.  They are both royally annoyed that the voting age is 18.  I think they get it.

And for some on-the-nose insight from an 8 year old: "This election is just making so many people be stupid!  It makes me sad."  Me, too, Kid.  Me, too.

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