Friday, November 4, 2016

Birthday Shenanigans

Among the many things that made summer so busy, we took a road trip up north to visit my mom's branch of the family tree.  The visit just so happened to fall over my aunt's 80th birthday, so of course, there was a party.  Not that we needed an excuse - we would have had a party anyway.  This way, there was cake.

My aunt is a wonderful, giving, whip smart lady, but she can also be quiet and reserved, not craving attention in the slightest (in this respect, I am so much like her).  This made her the perfect complement to her sister, my grandmother, who could not possibly have done without attention.  They were the best of friends, definitely something to which we all should aspire. 

So what do you do for a behind the scenes kind of person whom you adore and want to make perfectly happy?  You hire an Elvis impersonator to serenade her and make her dance in front of 30 of her closest family and friends.  Or rather, my cousin did all this.  And kept it a complete secret from us.  Me, in particular.  Probably because I would likely have clued my aunt in at least a few minutes beforehand.  I got you, Aunty.

It was awkward, weird, crazy, and a barrel of fun for everyone, including my aunt, who said she really enjoyed the whole thing (well, maybe not that first shocking minute so much, but she came around).  We plied her with some pretty great presents anyway, so all was well.  And we ate cake for days.

Just another run of the mill, regular birthday passing by.

(How stinkin' cute is this batch of cousins?)

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