Thursday, December 10, 2015


Sabrina's class is studying Christmas in different cultures.  Basically, this is an excuse for them to eat a holiday treat every few days.  Yule logs, gingerbread, and the like.   Nice work if you can get it.

Today, they learned about Christmas in Germany.  Sabrina knows my maiden name is Germanic, therefore she has decided her grandfather (my dad) must have lived in Germany and speaks German. (He was born in Houston.  He speaks Texan.)  She has asked a large number of questions about his growing up in Deutschland for him (or me, because naturally I absorbed his entire upbringing) to translate words into German.  I took French in school.  The closest I can get is spelling lederhosen correctly.

Instead, I have decided to tell her we shall be Swedish from here on out.  In Sweden, the eldest daughter gets up early on Christmas morning to prepare cinnamon buns and hot coffee (or cocoa) for the family.  This is a plan I can get behind.  God Jul, Sabrina. Take it easy on the icing, OK?

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