Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Family Carpenter

My dad is a handy guy.  He can fix almost anything any of us breaks, or at least exhausting every option trying.  Last week, he helped Chris basically rebuild our deck.  You know, just your typical Monday.

He can replace a garbage disposal in about 20 minutes.  Thankfully, his rates are reasonable.

His latest (or maybe rekindled) hobby is woodworking.  One Christmas, he made everyone beautifully crafted shut the box games, and they are fancier than anything you'd find in a store.  He's recently taken to making handcrafted pens, each one unique and more gorgeous than the last.  I'm hoping he'll help me design a custom computer desk for our living room one day. 

For Sammy's birthday, I asked him to make a rack for the karate belts Sammy has earned, but were snaking sadly around the bottom of his closet.  With an assist from our cousin, Dickson, who had the equipment to carve the nameplate, what he made was better than I envisioned.

Awesome craftsmanship.  Awesome artistry.  Awesome guy.

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