Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thankmas 2014

Oh my, what a day.  I think this is the first time I've stopped.  It's been nonstop 3rd Thanksgiving prep and Christmas decorating.  But it's done.  Mostly.  I think.  (I hope.)

Chris (predictably) spent most of the day outside, getting the lights just right and hooking up his new toy, the synchronization system.  Now, we're not complete fuddy duddies, but perhaps we are not up to the cutting edge of technology (do not tell me what I'm about to describe is old hat and by the way get off my lawn).  We had to figure out what device to use for the music and make it talk to the speakers and make the whole system talk to the lights Chris had just rearranged for the 17th time, and well, we are now strobing out to holiday tunes and probably giving our neighbors aneurysms.

Trees and ornaments and garlands and tchotchkes of all kinds have been deployed, and I love it all.  All the same, I'm a little overwhelmed by everything, but that will fade to the point that when it's time to put it all away, I will be sad to see it go.  We're not magazine worthy, but we're homey and happy and it's us.  Every item has a story and it's wonderful to remember each and every one.

I may even forget the trauma of putting 1,200 lights on the tree.  In a few years.

So tomorrow, we shall wrap up Thanksgiving with one final blowout bash with Chris's side of the family, hosting a good 25ish people for food and togetherness.  I'm going to throw out a warning to my sister in law to forget about the marshmallow guns because that business is not getting tracked onto my clean carpets.  But beyond that, let the frivolity flow.  I love being able to stretch out Thanksgiving and segue into the Christmas season.  It's just delightful.

If you wouldn't mind, a kind thought for a tasty turkey and no one accidentally melting plastic wrap in my oven would be greatly appreciated.

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