Monday, November 24, 2014

Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Yesterday, we kicked off Thanksgiving week by heading to my sister's town for their community get together.  It's become something of a tradition for us over the years, and we really enjoy seeing an entire town (as well as a few nearby burbs) come together (I really mean entire - it's a ghost town out there) to share a meal and some fun.  And raise money from people willing to spend obscene amounts of money on mason jars of pickles and bales of hay.

There had to be at least 200 people ahead of us in line when we got there, and most of the seats in the giant barn like structure (that sounds bad - it's a really nice covered pavilion space) were filled with people already eating.  The line was easily as long when we finally snaked our way all the way around and got our food.  Everything was delicious, and the only disappointment I had was of my own mistake, because what I thought was pumpkin cream pie was actually key lime.  Soooo not the same thing.

I didn't bid on anything in the silent auction because many of these people are crazy and will jack up a $150 price for a $10 item.  Instead, we hung out watching the kids in the activity area, bouncing in the bounce houses and riding the oil can train.  I take their picture in this contraption every year because they're always so jazzed to ride in used fuel drums.  Maybe you have to be there, but for those of us who were, it was delightful.  Until next year.

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