Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas is for Children

Scene: a charming small town main street, decorated to the hilt for Christmas, including a an enormous light display synchronized to carols.

Two children are dancing to the music, being as adorable as possible, until one decides to take himself over to a side building where he had been told expressly not to go.  After the mother's subsequent heart attack, believing for several seconds that her worst nightmare might have come true, the evening's festivities come to a screeching halt.

On the car ride home, the precious siblings continue to squabble and blame each other while the mother gives them the (totally unnoticed) silent treatment.  They swat at each other and exhibit behavior more commonly seen in feral monkeys.  And so we join the play in progress:

"Mommy, my brother just RUINED MY LIFE.  I wanted to see all the princesses of the world* and he messed it all up. So that's why I'm hitting him."

I'm sure ABC Family will be snapping up the film rights for Holiday 2014.

*There were no, nor were there ever going to be any, princesses.

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