Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Eve

I have been in Thanksgiving prep mode all day.  My house is clean (for the moment, aside from scattered toys), tomorrow's food is sitting in its assorted pans/pots/vessels ready to for heat application, and I have procured the elusive chocolate pie that became a requirement yesterday (hence, procurement, not production).  My daughter has voice intent and excitement for watching the Macy's parade for the first time EVER and I am stoked.  It's gonna be great.

And then I get to do it all over again for Saturday, when the in-laws (Chris's side of the family) descend upon our house (tomorrow is at my mom and dad's, thank all the carbs).  Of course, that's a more stressful because we are hosting and I'm responsible for the bird.  But I've done this for a few years (2? 3? Ah, who knows?), so my big concern is if I can get all these people to take off their shoes in the house because I didn't just pay a bunch of money to get the carpets cleaned for a fun Friday activity.  I realize that makes me sound a tad OCD, to which I reply, duh.

I'm glad I get to stretch out Thanksgiving because it gives me the chance to savor the holiday and the reasons that are at its roots.  And after yesterday's 12 hour exercise in frustration, I'm going to need a little extra time to get in the gratefulness frame of mind.  But that's OK, because I have a 19 pound turkey to roast, and that gives me some wiggle room, I think.

To all of you Thanksgiving preppers, I wish you smooth, stress-free efforts in getting ready so you can enjoy the day.  And to all those partaking of the spoilers, I hope you enjoy every morsel.  It's tomorrow, y'all.  We're here.

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