Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Today has been insane, what with a standing doctor's appointment  and another one thrown in just because Sammy decided to up his holiday excitement by coming down with an ear infection.  Not to mention the massive cleaning this house needs (I, uh, put it off too long and now beg forgiveness from the house and I promise never to do that again if it doesn't get this dirty again ever) and prep for 2nd Thanksgiving tomorrow (I'm bringing 4 dishes, 2 of which I added on my own,and yes, I am deranged).  I still need to set up the Christmas tree so it can be ready for 3rd Thanksgiving, and oh, I am so tired from all of it.

So this evening, you get a little promotion. Style Lush and Food Lush have released their gift guides for the season, and they chock full of wonderful things that I would like one of each, please.  Oh yeah, and you can use them to find the perfect gifts for everyone else under the sun.  I'm so proud to write for Food Lush, so please check these out. They can make your holiday shopping so much easier, I tell ya.

Have a peaceful and serene Thanksgiving Eve.  Be sure to set out your stretchy pants for tomorrow.

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