Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank Goodness for Matinee Pricing

We went to the movies as a family today.  This is a pretty big deal, as I believe it’s only happened twice (almost 3 times, but Chris wasn’t Brave with us, hahahahaha I crack myself up) in the past couple of years.  In fact, that probably accounts for 70%of the movies I’ve seen in that time period.  We don’t do the movies much.  I turn into a cranky old lady when I see how much the whole shebang costs nowadays.  And get off my lawn.

One issue: if you are a very tall person, and you are in a theater that does not have stadium seating (read: nearly flat), please do not sit stick straight up or higher (like propped up on your feet) when you have children sitting behind you.  And especially if you have children with you, and should therefore understand.  It’s just courtesy.  And comfort, because how can you sit so rigidly for a 2 hour show?  Poor Sammy had to crane around the whole time to see the screen.

Wreck-It Ralph was on the agenda today, and I thought it was wonderful.  I wonder if the back story goes like this: we want to do a movie about old school video games, and we want to do a movie about a land of candy and sweets, so let’s just mash them together.  It worked for me.  I immediately found myself reminiscing about my days as a preteen, hanging out at video arcades with a pocket full of quarters, back when video games cost a quarter.  I said, get off my lawn.  I also enjoyed all the food-related jokes (donut-shaped security guards named Wenchel and Duncan) and the pretty, pretty colors.  I love me some sad sack John C. Reilly, and he was pitch perfect here.  It was just a lot of fun.  Sabrina did get a little scared for a moment, but I think that was mostly a reaction to the music changes and not any significant darkness in the story.

I shall now work the phrase “cherry-chasing dot muncher” into my cadre of insults.

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