Friday, June 1, 2012


Ten years ago, I walked down an aisle in a big, white dress, nervous and yet not, to start a life with the man I was marrying.  I remember telling myself to be present, just be present and enjoy the moment, to remember.  And I do.  Probably not every detail, but certainly the emotions of that day that I will never experience again, and no one else will ever experience, except the man holding my hand.  It was scary and new and beautiful and bewildering and fresh and special and wonderful.  It was the start. That was the day I became a wife.

Ten years later, my freshly-minted second grader ran into my arms and declared today the beginning of summer with a grin that spread from his eyes to his toes.  First grade was not the easiest of years for him, and it took a lot of trial and error to figure out what he needed from school to be able to tap into his potential.  But we – and I mean a team of people from his teachers to his grandparents to us – have finally found something that works, and it means that I have a boy who is starting to show us glimpses into his amazing, unique brain and discovering the wonders of learning.  Today was the day I became a mom to a second grader.

Grateful seems too small a word for my heart today, but that’s what I am: grateful.  For a man who’s stood by me through scary moments and small moments and sad moments and moments beyond sheer happiness.  A man who sees me at my craziest and hasn’t run for the hills.  A man with strong arms and a tender smile.  For a boy who gives his all, no matter what he’s doing.  A boy who randomly runs up with a bear hug and an I love you.  A boy who has faced more challenges than he realizes and still finds wonder in the tiniest of things.  And a girl whose giggle could power this country (can’t leave her out).

Has it been easy?  Hell, no.  Are there things I would change if I could?  Sure.  But this life we began building 10 years ago today has been worth everything, and my heart is full today.  It’s a good day.

It’s also National Donut Day, so there’s that.  I know how to pick ‘em.