Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Little Holiday Cred

Ah, Groundhog Day again. Time to celebrate.

Last year, I mentioned a commemorative poem written by a friend some years ago, and in the ensuing 12 months, I managed to locate a copy. Please enjoy.

I’ve decided to send this note to spread some holiday cheer,
To help you celebrate a day that comes but once a year.
Oh, venerable groundhog, I just wanted to say,
Please send that mean ol’ Jack Frost away.
It’s not that this crazy weirdo doesn’t like the cold,
But after awhile it begins to get a little old.
I hope that your shadow doesn’t give you a start,
Because such an occurrence wouldn’t be good for your heart.

A woodchuck or South African anteater is how you’re defined,
But it is a chance for good weather that brings you to mind.
Even though I can’t remember the correct rhyme scheme to use,
And there are probably some rules I’ve taken liberty to abuse,
I don’t care if it’s not in the correct form for a sonnet,
I mean, it’s got fourteen lines, ain’t that enough, gosh darn it?

- Chris Kochenower, Date Redacted Because It’s Just Too Darn Painful

When I unearthed this literary morsel, I found along with it 2 more odes to this joyous day. I think I'll save those for the future. Thanks, Friend.

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