Friday, November 11, 2011

Say Cheese

Ah, school pictures. Such a rite of passage, aren’t they? I so remember picture day, looking forward to wearing a carefully thought out ensemble (even if it was picked out by your mom), standing in line to pose in front of some swirly window shade on a stick for 0.3 seconds while the camera went snap, and then waiting for weeks to see how they would turn out (always like you have a pole up your bum). Everyone got a mess of wallet size to trade and collect like baseball cards, most of which hit the trash can before the end of the day. Does anyone actually carry pictures in their wallets anymore?

Things certainly have changed. Thank Jobs for the digital era, and a pox on any photographer that can’t bother to provide a proof before we have to buy their highly-priced printouts. But it’s still a rite of passage, as much for the parents as the kids, and so I did buy the (over)priced printouts so I can remember these days as well as my own. I’ll let you be the judge of my kids' photogenic abilities.

Can't you just see the little horns poking out to hold up that halo? Also, what is up with that waterfall? We don't live in Hawaii.

Yeah, this is pretty typical. Goofy hair, trying to smile but really grimacing, looking for all the world like he's passing a stone.

But I totally prefer last spring's pic. Anybody wanna buy some oceanfront property in Des Moines?

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  1. Oh my gosh, that is the best smile ever! And what is up with that waterfall? Shouldn't the background at least be green and lush if there's a waterfall?