Monday, July 11, 2011

My Little Maniacs

Sammy is obsessed with garages.

The idea of a door that can roll up or down at the touch of a button blows his mind. He will identify every single detail about a garage the he can see, what color it is, how any windows it has, whether it’s n the front or back, if it’s attached to the house (OK, that’s about it; there isn’t a whole lot of detail in a garage door). He thinks hanging out in a garage, regardless of what it contains, is the best way to spend his time. Heaven help you if your garage is open, because Sammy will be looking inside. I’ve taken to calling him Gladys Kravitz.

Sabrina is obsessed with princesses.

I know, what little girl doesn’t go through this phase? I promise you, Disneyophile that I am, I did not start this. In fact, I have no idea where this fascination originated. If you ask here what she dreamed about, she will say princesses. When you ask her what kind of anything she wants, she will say princesses. She has bunches of tiny princess figurines that are her favorite toys, although I’m not quite sure Cinderella ever actually swam with sharks or Belle worked with Bob the Builder.

Sammy is obsessed with ceiling fans.

He’s loved to watch them ever since he was a teeny little thing, but now his interest is in turning them off and on, speeding them up, and slowing them down. It bugged him to no end when one of the fans at his grandfolks’ house was broken and wouldn’t spin. Every time he set foot in the house, he ran straight to the game room to check and sadly, again, announced that the fan wasn’t working. The day my dad replaced that fan, Sammy’s eyes popped out of his head, and you’d have thought it was his birthday. When he found out that Grandpa has taken an entra fan he had and installed it in his garage, Sammy very well nearly passed out from the excitement. He now thinks Grandpa’s garage is the best spot on earth.

Sabrina is obsessed with pink.

Again, I know this is nothing unusual and again, I didn’t instigate this. But if something is pink, Sabrina wants it. If Sabrina wants something, she wants it in pink. Any happy mood is darkened just a little bit whenever I make her wear a shirt that isn’t pink. Ask her what flavor lollipop she’d like, she will say pink (and doesn’t matter if the actual flavor is cream of beet, if it’s pink, she’ll eat it).

I realize that these are but the early entries in what will be a long list of fixations and passions, and hopefully things like tattoos and multiple piercing will never get near that list. But these are little windows into their brains at this moment, bricks that build into their personalities. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next (please let it not be snakes).

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  1. Isn't Sammy about due for the dinosaur phase? I know he was a train fan for a while... I think the reason Amanda hoped for girls was the wish to avoid the dinosaur phase. I remember when my youngest brother had every dinosaur book and every dinosaur model in existence. Now my nephew is in the middle of DINO craze and I was disturbed to find out that scientist have discovered totally new and different species of dino fossils to plague us with.