Thursday, May 5, 2011

School Photos: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Earlier this week, Swistle wrote about school pictures now unnecessarily occurring in the spring as well as the summer, and it completely resonated with me. Because I had the exact same reaction: why? Her answers and commentary are spot on, by the way.

In the fall, I knew picture day would be coming, and my only complaint was that, in this day of digital photography, why couldn't this photographer snap his pics and send us proofs so we could decide if we wanted to purchase, like every other kid photographer we've encountered from day care to preschool? What is this, 1987? But I went ahead and pre-ordered, and got a snapshot that cam only be described as, well, at least he didn't blink. At least I had this moment in Sammy's history recorded in traditional fashion.

Then, a few weeks ago, we received notice that class pictures would be coming up. I had visions of the whole passel of kids lines up in height-related rows, with a teacher on one side and the principal on the other. I also knew I'd just forked over the money for a yearbook which would surely include said class photo, so I declined and went on my merry way. Until a little bit later when I proof sheet came home in Sammy's folder showing me that, indeed, these were individual pictures being taken (and maybe class photos, too, I can only imagine). There was a thumbnail of my kid right there. And in that instant, I knew we would be buying his spring photos.

Seriously, is that the youngest used car salesman in the world or what?

If the Ellen show is still on in 15 years, he can totally score some prizes with this. And I will giggle every day at it from now until then.

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  1. Why, why can't they put them online? It's so infuriating. At my school they PRINT THEM ALL WITH THE LARGEST PACKAGE. And then the parents send them back if they don't want them, except they don't. So basically they get them for free. I don't feel bad for the photography companies. They shouldn't be wasting all that ink and paper.