Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Day Like This And I Get a Whole Cake

I’m going to list why yesterday was such a miserable day, because I can. Feel free to skip onto the next entry in the near future.

First thing this morning, my pedometer broke. I know, this sounds silly, but I’ve grown attached to the thing. It keeps me accountable for keeping up with my activity all day long (so I won’t fall into couch potatodom so frequently), and I affectionately call it my electronic leash. I am determined to get my 10,000 steps a day because of this thing, and it gives me a little charge when I see that number tick by. So, broken pedometer – sad start to the morning.

As I prepped ingredients for the chili I was putting in the crockpot for dinner, I managed to chop my fingernail right off. Apologies to the family member who got a little something extra in their bowl tonight.

Sabrina decided the TV needed a little decoration in the form of crayon art.

I found out 33% of the soap opera on air today were cancelled, and that made me very sad for all the people involved and especially 6 year old me who loved to watch them with my mom.

I picked up Sammy from school and noticed a distinct lack of energy and general un-Sammyness. Never a good sign.

We had 55 minutes to drop off some paperwork halfway across town and get to Sammy’s therapy appointment (where if you miss it, they charge big bucks and if you’re merely late, they lecture you). Of COURSE, this means we would hit a train.

And ignorant people who can’t fill in bubbles on a form correctly.

And massive traffic.

From an accident at the exit we need to take.

But, somehow we managed to arrive at exactly 1 minute past the appointed time, and luckily we were within the lecture grace period, and Sammy’s tiredness/under the weatherness/whateverness didn’t affect his therapy. So there was a moment of peace. A moment.

In traffic on the way home, Sammy finally got around to figuring out what was wrong with him, and that was something in his stomach that he immediately and ferociously expelled. I should have known such a day would include vomit. (Thankfully, I had a premonition to put a bucket in the car with us, or else the day would have been even worse, and I wouldn’t be typing this here as I would still be cleaning out the car.)

And this stinkbomb of a day capped itself off with a washing machine shaking so violently I thought it was going to chase me down and eat me.

Clearly, this is an enormous whine and none of these are catastrophic problems. I get that. It’s just that, all added up in a 10 hour period, and I think my dive into a carton of ice cream is completely justified.


  1. Go enjoy some wine, dear.

    What an awesome mom you are with your bucket!

    I don't understand why those private therapies care to lecture you! They'll still charge you whether you are there or not!!!!

  2. Oh, you poor thing! That day sounds sucktastic in the extreme. I hope today is way, way better.