Sunday, March 6, 2011

Enough with the Frogs and Locusts

I’m fairly certain that my brother-in-law’s favorite pastime is teasing. He teased me the 1st day I met him, and he has stopped. (Of course, I can give back as good as I get.) My kids adore him, probably because he’s just a big kid himself, and there’s a disturbing man crush thing going on with him and my husband. He’s dedicated, loyal, hard working, and a pain in the tuckus. He fits right in.

Over the past several months, he’s been sick with recurring fevers that just won’t go away. There have been doctor visits and medications galore. There was even a Hail Mary trip to a hospital over an hour away just to try to find a new perspective on this mystery illness that resulted in a week’s stay and no concrete answers. Some days are good, and sometimes there are enough of them that we all think we’ve got this thing licked, and then it comes roaring back, and it’s all feeling heavier and heavier. And did I mention my sister is pregnant? Clearly, we need Dr. House.

Then there’s my friend Erica. She went to the doctor with stomach cramps, and has now been diagnosed with everything from appendicitis to liver issues, and the list keeps going.

One of these people is family, the other, a new friend whom I am so grateful to have come into my life. They are both funny and kindhearted and honest and have 2 of the biggest hearts you’ll ever find. They don’t know each other, but I’m certain they’d get along like gangbusters. And they’re both going through so much frustration, I’m surprised their heads haven’t exploded yet. I love them both fiercely, and all I can do is send good vibes, happy thoughts, and deepest prayers out for and to them. That’s what writing this is for in a small way.

Cody and Erica, my wish is that the doctors get it right, right now. My wish is that the treatment plan is swift, clear, definitive, and 100% effective. My wish is that in the very near future, we can look back and say, “Well, that sucked. Let’s have another margarita.” My wish is that any tears that are shed are tears of relief and gratitude. And my wish is that you both end up hanging out on a beach somewhere, because you both deserve it.


  1. Amen sister. Get it right, right now, and fix them up!

  2. Cody says thank you very much. We appreciate all the prayers and kind thoughts. We need as many as we can get right now. Even though I don't know Erica, tell her I am praying for her, too!