Monday, January 3, 2011

Turn the Page

I know we’re 3 full days into the new year, and I’d like to say I’m still recovering from New Calendar Eve, but my first NCE party in over a decade was decidedly low key. That’s probably a good thing, but I really thought there’d be a little more shin to the dig. I did enjoy getting all gussied up in new togs, especially ones I got for a steal (seriously, this is the part that tickles me the most), and an evening of champagne and Chambord is a nice change of pace. I love watching the Hub catch up with old friends, since he turns into a bit of a game show host, and the kids were probably having the time of their lives eating far too much pizza and staying up late with their grandfolks, so I’ll call the evening a win.

Whole outfit: $10. I know!

But me being me, Mrs. Half Empty, I felt guilty for sleeping in and not immediately relieving my parents of kid duty first thing. It’s always something with my screwed up psyche.

And so. 2011. I’m not particularly fond of January, as it means the end of Christmas and a month of cold without a reward at the end (my apologies to those with January birthdays, as surely those make the month shiny and bright, as they should). Putting away the decorations never fails to be depressing, and this year had the added bonus of making my kids sad. But there are still a couple of cookies to put smiles on little faces, and lots of shiny new toys to play with and attempt to destroy. My house is slowly coming back into order, and the obligation level is so much less (there’s only one thing on the calendar right now, and although that will change before I hit publish, it’s a beautiful sight to behold). I’ve got a list of things I want to get done this year, not so much resolutions as projects, that seem a little huge but manageable over the course of 12 months. I can’t wait to start checking them off.

This is going to be the year my kids turn 3 and 7. This is going to be the year I take even more pictures and keep up with them in a timely manner. This is going to be the year I become a better friend. This is going to be the year the Hub and I act a little bit more like the silly, romantic people we were when we were dating. This is going to be the year I take more deep breaths and let more niggling irritations go. This is going to be the year I clean out the attic (see, Hub, as promised, and now in writing). This is going to be the year.

Goodbye to 2010. We're going to wreak all kinds of new havoc with 2011.

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