Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Plusses and Minuses

Plus: Happy little ducks spent some time in our front lawn this morning and let us look at them.

Minus: Duck pooped right in the middle of the pathway to the house.

Plus: Sam went off to school with a smile on his face.

Minus: He came home with a note saying the last day of class is May 7, which is a whole month earlier than I expected. Now I have to scramble for teacher / bus driver gifts.

Plus: The TV is finally fixed!

Minus: Sabrina tried to eat all the tools in the repair guy’s box.

Plus: I made a pot of tomato soup.

Minus: I hope the garlic wasn’t too old and won’t kill us all.

Plus: Sabrina is making the transition to whole milk fairly well.

Minus: She broke into the fridge and started eating all the leftover ham.

Plus: My dad suggested going to First Monday Trade Days this weekend, which I’ve wanted to do for months.

Minus: Trade Days was last weekend.

Plus: Tomorrow, Chris is taking the day off and taking Sammy to visit his best friend.

Minus: He’s leaving the baby with me, so it’s not like to workload around here changes or anything.

Plus: I get to be the Godmother to my sister’s baby.

Minus: Hurry up and get here, Baby, so I can bring you mother some champagne already!

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