Thursday, February 19, 2009


Randomness seems to be the governing principle in my life, at least over the past 24 hours. So many strange things (relatively, we’re not talking birds carrying $20 bills landing on the hood of my car) have happened that I can’t quite concentrate on anything, waiting for the next oddity to show up. A small taste:

  • My 10-month old daughter managed to break a metal towel rack.
  • The microwave decided to stop heating food, but continues to run the clock, timer, vent, and lights.
  • My aunt called to talk for an hour, even though I didn’t know she had my number (no ill will there, but she’s never been so chatty with me before).
  • My son, after losing a toy as penalty for some ill-advised behavior, tried to take away even more toys from himself in retribution (sure, the video game wasn’t enough of a punishment for you? Let’s take the trains as well, thankyouverymuch.).
  • Aforementioned daughter screamed bloody murder at 5 AM (I’m pretty sure the neighbors got an early start this morning because of her) and then PUT HERSELF BACK TO SLEEP. This – is unheard of.

See? Nothing too bizarre, but everything’s just a bit off. And as such, I can’t possibly accomplish anything like cleaning the house. I’d better just stay right here and keep watch. Somebody bring me some popcorn.

Not that I want any of this stuff to repeat itself. Well, except that last one, minus the horror movie vocal theatrics.

Biggest lesson: WD-40 removes crayon from stained wood. That's your randomness for today.

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