Friday, January 23, 2009

Tiny Bites

Yesterday was heading toward being the best day in awhile. Not perfect by any means, but pretty darn good. Both kids slept through the night, so I actually got some rest (a luxury, I know). Sammy went off to school and returned happy, ate lunch, and consented to take a nap. First time since his dad tricked him into a nap with him over the weekend (although I’m still not completely sure there was sleeping). Sabrina napped, too. To take advantage of the nice weather, we all went to the park before the sun went down. Good day.

And then, as I was watching TV somewhat slack jawed on the bed (since Sammy insisted on watching WallE before going to bed), I noticed the picture bowing in at the side. A moment later, it popped at me and just died. Ugh. I so do not need this. I just got the other TV fixed a couple months ago. I think the house is spreading television germs.

Yes, in the long run, this is a minor problem. But it’s intensely irritating. I love my television. I know I could read a book or retile the kitchen or something, but sometimes, vegging out in front of the tube is the best relaxation there is. It’s been a tough year (almost exactly, since it was about this time last year that I started feeling poorly, and ended up in the hospital). Remember that Monty Python sketch in which the waiter persuades a rather portly gentleman to eat just one more bite after an enormous, gluttonous meal, because it’s “wafer thin,” and then he explodes? That TV is a wafer thin problem. That’s not to say I’ve exploded, but boy, I’d like to. Selfish? Yes. Satisfying? You betchya.

I really hope my TV repair guy has a volume discount.

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